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Mandy, Jess, Britney and Christina all in the
same page.....catfight!


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Jessica Simpson
Voice: (out of 10) 8
Dancing: 6
Hair Shade: Wheat Blonde
Eye color: dark brown
Image: innocent, cherisable princess.

Britney Spears
Voice: 7
Dancing: 9
Hair Shade: silky, brownish blonde
Eye color: brown
Image: sexy yet sweet pop diva

Mandy Moore
Voice: 6
Dancing: 6
Hair Shade: very dark mousy blonde
Eye color: hazel light green
Image: Sweet and childish girl next door.

Christina Aguilera
Voice: 9
Dancing: 6
Hair Shade: pale,fake white-blonde
Eye color: Barbie bright blue
Image: Soulful and caring queen.

Mandy looking natural

What I don't Like About the 4 divas:
Jessica-trying to be to innocent.
Christina-too fake....what the heck was those makeup?
Britney Spears: she might as well as be labeled stripper,
for all she wears.
Mandy:trying to be too sweet.

This is where every week, I rate
the actions of the divas and put them
in order.

1.Christina- nominated for many grammys (though she didn't win)
2.Jessica Simpson-one of the CosmoGirls and nominated for
blockbuster award.
3.Britney Spears-recording album right now, and nominated
for one Grammy.

Chris in Come On Over